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One of the world's lightest indoor aerobatic flight rc-models, coaxial power systems and propellers.

We are not a factory for mass production, we are two enthusiastic engineers who produce customized solutions according to your needs.
Of course you can! You can always buy items that are in stock or make an order.
Ultralight Technology

F3P Planes

Key Features our models
Models are made of modern composite materials and covered with an ultrathin durable film.
The models we made won the local championships and repeatedly participated in the F3P World Cup.
In the class F3P, our models are among the lightest in the world.
Systems & Props

Coaxial power systems and propellers

The average weight of system with props is about 10.5 grams.
Systems can be used on models from 20 to 100 grams AUW.
The systems are reliable in use and easy to service.